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===Crosby Gaige=== was a theatrical producer on Broadway and served as president of the New York Wine & Food Society. An extremely social man, Gaige was well known in the swank supper clubs and elegant cocktail lounges of 1930s and 1940s New York. He wrote several other books on food: New York World's Fair Cook Book, Cocktail Guide And Ladies' Companion, Macaroni Manual and a new edition of Andre Simon's French Cook Book.

Though Gaige owned on of the best collections of cook books in the world, he wanted to make a "best cook book" -- a collection of recipes and lengthy tidbits from and about the movers and shakers of the food world and theatre world (most of whom he knew personally).

"Galveston Daily News", 16th June 1935

ARE men wiser eaters than women? "Yes," says Crosby Gaige. New York theatrical producer, who also has a reputation as chef and epicure."

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