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Editing guidelines


Copying text

Do not copy text from other sources as that is in most cases a violation of copyright. Pages found to be copied directly from other sources will be removed.

If you wish to refer to information from Wikipedia, create a InterWiki link to the article like this [[wikipedia:Articlename]]

Wiki links

Wiki links should be in lower case, optionally have the first letter in upper case if it's the first word(s) in a sentence. Only brand names etc. that require it should have all words written with captial first letters. The reason is that the Wiki will treat the link [[Sugar Syrup]] and [[Sugar syrup]] as links to two different pages, while [[Sugar syrup]] and [[sugar syrup]] would link to the same page.


Categorize the recipes

Always add categories to the recipes. All recipes should have the category tag [[Category:Recipes]] to make it show up on the recipes list. Also consider adding other category tags like [[Category:Brandy cocktails]] to categorize the recipes.

Ingredient links

Make sure to create Wiki links from the ingredient names in a recipe so they can be cross referenced. Write the ingredient name in lower case unless it's a brand name.


Use both metric and imperial units in the recipes to allow everyone to enjoy them.

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