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On page 29 of The Gentleman's Companion. Here is what Charles Baker wrote:

"DAISY de SANTIAGO, a Lovely Thing Introduced to Us through the Gracious Offices of the Late Facuno Bacardi, of Lamented Memory

The Bacardi people were always mighty nice about taking visitng yachtsmen and other travelers through their factory, and the result was always amazingly gratifying in several ways. As many of us know they have erected a special small skyscraper in Havana, too, where visitors may go for free Bacardi drinks, and we must confess that our name appears in four places on pages of their guest book in a brilliant modern bar smart enough to make New York jealous. To our mind, along with the immortal Daiquiri, this is the best Bacardi drink on record.

Take a big thin goblet and fill to the brim with shaved ice. Take a bar glass and put 1 1/2 jiggers Bacardi, the strained juice of 1 green lime, 1 to 1 1/2 tsp of bar syrup, optional. Stir well and pour onto the ice, stir up once, garnish with green mint and fresh fruit, and float on 1/2 jigger of yellow chartreuse. Personally we find the chartreuse brings all the sweetening we need, and a squirt of charged water adds a sparkle. A lovely thing indeed."

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