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Dona Bertha is one of the purported creators of the Margarita Cocktail, however it seems more likely that it was a tall drink, made with Tequila and Lime juice that she actually invented.


Bar's Address, and Telephone Number

Bertha's (El Plaza Borda 9, 7/622-0172), Taxco's oldest bar

Historical References

Sheboygan Press, (1944)

"Dona Bertha's place is easy to find in Taxco and one of her specials is just what 'Dr.' Blythe recommends for you."

"To hide her trembling chin she took more of the Bertha Special."

Daily Courier, (1944)

"a little keg of tequila and [I will] make for you two of Dona Bertha's drinks."

"Air Travel Guide to Latin America", by Ivan Bullot, 1946

"Bertha's and her famous "tequila lemonade""

"ALL THE BEST IN MEXICO", by Sidney Clark, (1949)

"in Taxco, where a famous tequila cocktail called the "Bertha" is an established feature of life"

"The Bertha, made with lime juice and simple syrup, looks like a Tom Collins but tastes remarkably like a Daiquiri."

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