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“Modern American Drinks” By George J. Kappeler (1895).

This contains the first reference to an Old Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail.

Historical Citations

Centralia Enterprise and Tribune, 4th December 1897

"A Hot Locomotive is the invention, of George J. Kappeler, who was for a long time at the head of the drink laboratory connected with the Holland house, which has a reputation for the excellence of its damp delights. This is the way the guests fix their drinks—many of the patrons of the place know just what they want and just how to get at the best results, and they have the waiters place the ingredients on the small tables before them, and they mix the drinks themselves. Beat up the yolk of one egg in a small saucepan, one tablespoonful of fine sugar, one pony of honey, four dashes of orange curacao, one and one-half jiggers of claret. Put on. the fire and let it come to the boiling point. Mix well Serve in mugs. Add slice of lemon. Try this one by the same authority; it is called the Hancock punch: Fill a mixing glass half full of fine ice, add the juice and rind of half a lime, half a tablespoonful of fine sugar, one-third of a jigger of St. Croix rum. two-thirds of a jigger of whisky. Shake well Strain into a long thin, eight-ounce glass. Fizz up with a little siphon seltzer."

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