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A Gin-Twist is...???


Historical References

Slang, a Dictionary of the Turf, ... by John Badcock, 1823

"Gin-twist — hot water and gin, with sugar and lemon-juice, or orange ditto."

"The Torch Light And Public Advertiser", 1826

"The buxom widow received his addresses with a courtesy, a glass of gin twist, and several ohs! and ahs! just thrown in by way of candy to the entertainment."

William Maginn 1793–1842

Link to the Entire Gin-Twist Poem

A Twist-imony in favour of Gin-twist.

  • 1 At one in the morn, as I went staggering home,
  • 2 With nothing at all in my hand but my fist,
  • 3 At the end of the street a good youth I did meet,
  • 4 Who asked me to join in a jug of gin-twist.
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