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Harry Craddock wrote the Savoy Cocktail Book which was published in 1930.


Historical References

"Middletown Daily Times", (1926)

"For those who recollect torrid evenings in the blazing zone of highest visibility and the tired eves and far-away look of the next morning when they festooned themselves before the old Hoffman House bar for Surecase of morrow, Harry Craddock was a beneficient Santa Claus. If you are going to London, visit the Savoy. He'll fix you up."

"Marion Star", (1927)

"The last legal cocktail in America is reputed to have been mixed at the old Holland House on Fifth Avenue by a Harry Craddock. Word drifts back from London that Craddock is now frosting the shakers at the Savoy. He took a boat the next morning pouting and has never returned."

"Helena Independent", (1934)

"Harry Craddock, who went to London's Savoy when prohibition began and has been teaching the English about ice ever since, writes his hundreds of recipes, and something about wine in "The Savoy Cocktail Book" (Simon and Schuster). The way to drink a cocktail, he says, is quickly, while it's still laughing at you. Wines, of course, merely smile. They are for the man who takes time. We don't have many of those."

"The Fresno Bee", (1934)

"New York Day by Day" by O. O. McIntyre.

"The Ritz is to try out an international exchange of bartenders in its pink glowing cocktail rooms, like the swapping of professors at various colleges. First will come Frank of the Paris Ritz for a few months. Then Harry Craddock of the London Savoy, August of the Adlon in Berlin, and so on. All have mixed drinks for an international clientele."

"The Lethbridge Herald", (1947)

"Harry Craddock, 74-year-old bartender who claims to have invented 250 cocktails, including the "White Lady" and "Paradise" has retired from the bar of the Dorchester hotel in London."

Cocktail Creations

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