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Bookdaemon listing

"Ensslin, Hugo R. Recipes for Mixed Drinks. Copyright, 1016-1917 [sic]. Second edition. New York: Published by the author, (1917). Fox Printing House, New York. 20.5 cm. 74, (2) pages. Advertising illustrations. Photo of author on title page. Paper. Covers worn and a one-inch water stain at bottom runs all the way through the book. [Ref M724]. Sold

“The object of this book is to give a complete list of the standard mixed drinks that are in use at present in New York City, with directions for preparing same in the most simple manner to get the best result.” Copies available from Ensslin at 2013 Fifth Avenue, New York City, for fifty cents. [page 5]. This copy is from the collection of Julia Perrin Hindley, but her bookplate is missing. Noling lists an edition of 1916, 63 pages, presumably the first edition."

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