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The Jack Rose is a Cocktail consisting of Applejack, Fresh Lime Juice, and Grenadine Syrup.

The Jack Rose was created by Frank J. May, sometime before 1905.


Historical References


Frank J. May, better known as Jack Rose, is the inventor of a very popular cocktail by that name, which has made him famous as a mixologist. He is at present looking after the managerial affairs of Gene Sullivan's Cafe, at 187 Pavonia avenue, Jersey City, N. J., one of the most popular resorts in that city. Mr. May takes an active interest in sports, and as a wrestler could give many of the professional wrestlers a warm argument.

Washington Post, 23rd December 1912


"The murder of Herman Rosenthal has seriously affected the business of florists in Brooklyn, and perhaps a good deal in Manhattan. The Jack rose, a pretty popular blossom, has often been left on the hands of the Brooklyn florists, just because it bears the same name as the informer in the famous trials."

Washington Post, 5th May 1914

"A Jack Rose is a cocktail which was guaranteed to cultivate a keen edge on one's appetite. However, like the florists, the bartenders decided that perhaps under another name the Jack Rose cocktail might become a good seller."

Lima News, 13th November 1949

"A man who orders what is known as a "Jack Rose" doubtless had his first one in Pennsylvania or New Jersey where applejack is fancy."

Common Recipes

Recipe#1: Paul Harrington, Cocktailtime.com

Shake with Ice, and then strain into a Cocktail Glass.

Recipe#2: Cocktaildb.com

Recipe#3: Dale DeGroff, King Cocktail.

Shake all ingredients and strain into small cocktail glass. Garnish with an apple slice and a cherry.

Laird Applejack producer's Story from Wired News

"The Jack Rose cocktail was not invented at the Colts Neck Inn as some believe. Nor was it created by a Laird family ancestor," Lisa Laird-Dunn, the Laird & Company's VP and a member of the family's ninth generation, told us. "One of the more colorful myths is in fact truth, not fiction.... During the late 1800s, there was a gentleman by the name of Jack Rose, from New York City. He was regarded as somewhat of a shady character who made his living in and around City Hall and the New York courts. Mr. Rose's favorite beverage was applejack, and he consumed it mixed with lemon juice and grenadine. He became known for this cocktail, thus it was dubbed the Jack Rose."

"The drink became very popular in the early 1900s and remained so after the repeal of Prohibition. There wasn't a restaurant in New York City that did not serve the Jack Rose."

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