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Jacques Straub wrote the Book "Drinks", which was published in 1914, and then was re-issued posthumously in 1920.


"Oakland Tribune" (1913)

"...Jacques Straub, wine steward of the Blackstone hotel, who is, it is said, one of the foremost wine experts in the world. For thirty-two years Mr. Straub has studied wine and its making from every conceivable angle. Although thoroughly erperienced in all branches of club and hotel management. he has made wine and distillation a life study. He learned wine culture, distillation of liquors, and the science of developing sparkling wines by natural process at Neufchatel, Switzerland. His father operated a distillery in Switzerland when Jacques was a boy, making apple, cherry, plum, and other fruit brandies and cordials. When the son came to the United States he became Wine Steward and Club Manager of the famous Pendennis club of Louisville, Ky., an employment which he followed for twenty-one years."

The Passing of Jacques Straub (Obituary - 1920)

"Jacques Straub died October 10 at his home in Chicago. Mr Straub was head of the wine department at The Blackstone until prohibition wiped out this department. He was known as one of the best posted wine men of the world. For many years before coming to Chicago he had charge of the Pendennis Club in Louisville. He was born in Switzerland and learned the business over there. Some years ago he wrote for The Hotel Monthly the book "Drinks" of The Hotel Monthly handbook series, which is a classic. Notwithstanding Mr. Straub's knowledge of wines and liquors, he never drank. He was a most abstemious man in this respect, but his judgment from smell and taste was always infallible"

Bookdaemon Listing for "Drinks, by Jacques Straub"

"Straub, Jacques. A Complete Manual of Mixed Drinks for All Occasions. This book contains over 675 clear and accurate directions for mixing all kinds of popular and fancy drinks, served in the best hotels, clubs, buffets, bars and homes. Added to this there is a splendid introduction on wines, their medicinal value, when and how to serve them, kinds and styles of glasses to use and other valuable information and facts of great importance to every user of wines and liquors. By Jacques Straub, wine steward of the Blackstone Hotel, Chicago. Formerly manager of the Pendennis Club, Louisville, Ky. Chicago: R. Francis Welsh Publishing Co., (1913).

"On cover and half-title: "Straub's Manual of Mixed Drinks." In the preface, the publisher tells us that Straub is a native of Switzerland and that he spent many years studying "wine culture from the vineyard to the table." From Europe, he went to Louisville, and when the Blackstone Hotel of Chicago was built, he was asked to establish their wine cellars, which "are not exceeded by any hotel in the world for their wonderful selection of vintages and perfect management …" This is, however, primarily a book of cocktails and other mixed drinks. Only a dozen pages at the end are devoted to wine."

Related Facts

The Blackstone Hotel opened in 1909.

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