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Jeff "Beachbum" Berry is the author of several cocktail and food recipe guides, which focus on tiki drinks and cuisine. The books have helped revitalize the interest in tropical cocktails, especially the information on long-lost recipes for the Zombie and others. His books include:

  • "Grog Log" (1998)
  • "Intoxica" (2002)
  • "Taboo Table" (2005)
  • "Sippin' Safari" (2007)
  • "Beachbum Berry Remixed" (2010)

"Intoxica" book description: "Elixirs Exotica! More lost recipes from the Golden Age of the Tiki Bar from the Polynesian Pop Scholar and Mixologist Jeff Berry, co-author of the praised Beach Bum Berry's Grog Log - dubbed "the best bar guide for tropical drinks ever published" by Joe Bob Briggs. Packed with vintage graphics on every page, and everything you need to know about making the perfect tropical drink. With additional commentary from Berry, and a cover by renowned tiki artist Bosko."

"Beachbum Berry Remixed" book description: "The global Tiki Drink revival is in full swing. But without Beachbum Berry's Grog Log and Intoxica!, there'd be nothing to drink. These two groundbreaking books revealed the top-secret, never-before-published, "lost" exotic drink recipes from Tiki's original midcentury heyday. Author Jeff Berry has unearthed a lot more recipes since his first two books, and picked up a lot more drink lore too. He's spilling it all in Beachbum Berry Remixed, a completely revised and updated anthology of the Grog Log and Intoxica!, featuring 40 newly discovered, previously unpublished vintage Tiki drink recipes from the 1930s-1960s, 38 of the best new recipes from today's Tiki revival, gathered especially for Remixed from the world's top mixologists and cocktail writers, expanded drink history and lore, incorporating newly discovered information about the origins of the Mai Tai, Zombie, Suffering bastard, and other legendary Tiki mysteries."

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