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B.1830 D.1885

Cocktail Connection

Named author of the earliest known guide to bartending, The Bartenders Guide or How To Mix Drinks: The Bon-Vivants Companion [1], published by Dick & Fitzgerald in New York, 1862

The Three Editions of "The Bartenders Guide"

1862 - First Edition

1876 - Second Edition

  • First Mention of the Manhattan Cocktail in The Bartenders Guide.
  • First Mention of a Tom Collins in The Bartenders Guide.

1887 - Third Edition

Historical Sources

James Minor's Journal on Board Barque Ann, Smith, bound for California in Mexico

The Barque Ann Smith from New Haven Connecticut bound for San Francisco. California Left the Bell Dock in New Haven, Saturday, March. 24th. 1849 {Date: 1849-03-24}, at 1. oclock P.M. She was towed out in the Sound by the Steamer New. York. Which left her four Miles South of Light House at 2. oclock P.M. Hoisted Sail + Stood on our course Wind light + ahead made slow proggress continued on our course till about 5 oclock in the afternoon when the appearence of a Storm induced the Captain to put[?] about + return to New Haven Harbour. arrived about 9 oclock + anchored just above the Light House

The following is the list of the Officers + Crew of the Barque Ann, Smith. with their Names Birth, Place Age +Residence

William. Henry. Bowns. Captain Born in New Haven. Liveing in New Haven. Age 45. Loul[?] Nelson. 1st Mate Born in Ellisnore. Denmark. Liveing in New York. Age. 35. Anntonia. Brown. 2nd Mate Born. Portsmouth. New Hampshire. Liveing in Portsmouth. New Hampshire Age. 21. Henry Basset. Seaman. Born in Derby. Ct Age. 25. W.G. Smith. Seaman. Born in New Haven. Liveing in N. Haven. Age 26. Edwin T. Brown. Seaman Born in N. Haven Liveing in N.Haven. Age. 26. Jerrymiah. Thomas. Seaman Born in Sacketts Harbour. N. York. Liveing in New Haven. Age 19

David Wondrich Says


"I don't think Thomas excercised much authorship even for the first edition [of "The Bartenders Guide" (1862)], besides contributing recipes for the American drinks; for the second (1876), some recipes sound like him, some don't; for the third edition (1887), it seems very unlikely indeed that he had anything to do with it"

"Dick & Fitzgerald actually copyrighted a Bar-Tender's Guide, or Complete Encyclopaedia of Fancy Drinks, etc. in June, 1859. This book was never released, or if it was no copies survive in any form. Nowhere on the copyright or announcements of the book's publication is Jerry Thomas' name mentioned. Some time between 1859 and 1862, clearly, one of the Principals of Dick & Fitzgerald--probably William Dick--discussed the project with Jerry Thomas, who put them straight. Jerry Thomas' involvement is most likely confined to the actual bartender's drinks--Toddies, Slings, Juleps, individual Punches, Cocktails, Crustas, some of the Fancy Drinks and a few others."

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