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Joe Scialom (???? - 2004) is the creator of the Suffering Bastard. aka. "Suffering Bar Steward".


Historical References

"The Daily Times-News", 21st September 1957

"Foreign Diplomats have finally gotten a bartender who will listen to their troubles in practically any language.

He's Joe Scialom, and he speaks eight foreign languages fluently. Joe flew into town the other day to help the Statler Hotel get ready for a big international wing-ding. His job is to teach cocktail protocol to the other bartenders and waiters. Also he will be on hand at the party to personally mix some of his worldwide specialties. These include such alcoholic hair curlers as his famous "Yeah-Da-Si-Oui," "No-Nyet-Non," "The Perfect Diplomat," "One for the World," "The Embassy," and "The Chancellery."

"Yeah-Da-Si-Oui" is a dizzy mixture of bourbon, vodka, strega, and cointreaux [sic]. "No-Nyet-Non" contains vodka, dry vermouth and creme de casis [sic]. "The Perfect Diplomat" is a blackout concoction of vodka, apricot brandy, orange juice and champagne. "One for the World" is made up of orange bitters, drambuie and Scotch, while "The Embassy" has a mixture of acquavit [sic], cherry heering and pineapple. "The Chancellery" contains creme de almond, rum, and grand marnier topped off with orange, guava, pineapple and lime juices."

"Press-Telegram", 20th October 1958

"Joe Scialom, famed bartender of Shepheard's Hotel In Cairo for years, inventor of the "Suffering Bar Steward" (a drink), has become host of the Hotel Plaza's smart Rendez-Vous here."

"Oakland Tribune", 15th July 1970

"Joe Scialom, the plank attendant at the Four Seasons in New York. Mr. Scialom's credentials are most impressive — the Ritz in Paris, the Central in Glasgow, Shepheard's Bar in Cairo, a degree in pharmacy (pharmacy?! ?) -- so it is doubtful any of his recipes would hurt you."

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