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"The News", 21st December 1933

"Mr. Duffy is an old-time bar-tender and in this book he gives just about every recipe for mixed drinks that anyone ever tried anywhere. He is however, what you might call a fundamentalist. He quotes many recipes that were devised during prohibition, he shakes his head over them very sadly. He is opposed firmly to mixing any two kinds of strong liquor in one drink, "especially," he adds, "when they are shaken, together with bitters, cream, and raspberry syrup.""

"The Syracuse Herald", 14th February 1934

"Favorite drinks of famous Americans are revealed by Patrick Gavin Duffy, author of "The Official Mixer's Manual" (Long & Smith), who presided some 40 years ago at the bar of New York's old Ashland House.

The elder J. P. Morgan generally drank a brandy and soda; Mark Twain, an old-fashioned whisky cocktall; Chauncey M. Depew took straight rye with seltzer on the side, and E. H. Sotbem, a milk punch with a whisky base.

Oscar Wilde, on a visit here, sampled many of Mr. Duffy's drinks. The recipes he selected to introduce to London were — Manhattan and Martini Cocktails, Gin Fizz and Mint Julep."

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