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also known as Doctor Cocktail.



Ted Haigh (1956- )

Studied historic cocktails from the late 1960s. Began acquiring bar guides in the late 1970s. Amassed one of the largest collections of historic cocktail constituents in the world by the mid-1990s.

Became America Online's Food & Drink Network's Cocktail & Spirits Maven in 1996

Worked with John Fee of Fee Brothers to recreate peach bitters in 1998-99.

Worked with Fee Brothers again in 2002 to produce a Falernum syrup flavor best suited to the heyday of tiki drinks.

In 2004 wrote the book Vintage Spirits & Forgotten Cocktails, published by Quarry Press.

In January 2005, wrote, designed, configured and mounted the inaugural New Orleans exhibit for The Museum of the American Cocktail, and was elected to their Board of Directors.

In 2005 Haigh's historical examination of the Singapore Sling was published in Mixologist: The Journal of the American Cocktail.

In 2006 designed, augmented, configured and mounted the Las Vegas exhibit for The Museum of the American Cocktail.

Currently working on several new cocktail-oriented book projects.

Ted Haigh Vodka Quotes

"It’s not about vodka, it’s about the Bureau of Tobacco, Alcohol and Firearm’s definition of vodka. In Eastern Europe, vodka can be aged, nobody in Eastern Europe ever said vodka should be flavorless, that is something that we Americans are stuck on it. It sucks. The flavorlessness of vodka is what is going to turn a lot of the kids into alcoholics, not the good kind of alcoholics, the bad kind. If all they’re drinking is something that tastes like candy, what do you expect? They can’t even tolerate the bite of a good rye whisky." - Modern Drunkard Article.

"Vodka is flavorless not by history but by ATF edict. Czarist vodka would’ve been nice and rough, and likely informed by flavors from the distillate. I really can’t say much good about modern trendy vodka. Smoothness is overrated. The drinks thought up by the massive multinational holding companies that own the brands are sweet and they hide even what tiny alcohol flavor and kick their products still possess. My rule of thumb: If a child would like the drink, it is dangerous and the cocktail promotions these companies do promote is alcoholism, period." - DC Drinks Q & A Article

Cocktail Creations of Ted Haigh

Lemony Snicket Cocktail

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