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Originally, a muddling implement used in the preparation of Toddy; Now, more commonly referred to as a Muddler.


Historical References

"Reminiscences: personal and other incidents ; early settlement of Otsego County," By Levi Beardsley, 1852

"Now, when a party meet, and wish to take a social glass, a brandy smash or whisky toddy is prepared for each. Then, on meeting at a country tavern, some one of the company would call for a brandy sling, or a rum or gin sling, which required a gill of liquor; this being properly mixed, with sugar and water, and stirred up with the toddy stick, till the compound almost foamed, was ready for a sprinkling of nutmeg, and was then handed to the one who called for it. He took a drink and handed it to his neighbour; who drank and passed it along till it was drank off, and the one who finished it called for another, each one generally calling for a sling before the sitting was completed."

"STAGECOACH and TAVERN DAYS", Alice Morse Earle, 1900

"The toddy stick, beloved for the welcome ringing music it made on the sides of glass tumblers, was used to stir up toddy and other sweetened drinks.

It was a stick six or eight inches long, with a knob at one end, or flattened out at the end so it would readily crush the loaf sugar used in the drink."

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