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Tony Conigliaro is a bartender and mixologist, and a pioneer of the use of molecular mixology in cocktails.

He has worked at Isola, Hakkasan and The Lonsdale in London, and now works with Rainer Becker, overseeing drinks at Zuma restaurants. He has also collaborated with innovative chef Heston Blumenthal for the drinks menu at the Fat Duck restaurant.

His cocktail creations include a re-invention of the Prairie Oyster, the Apple WhIte Lady, Tanqueray No.10 Clover Club, the Twinkle, Champagne No.5 and the Smoked Old Fashioned.

Tony Conigliaro has written for industry magazines Theme and Class, and been featured in articles in the mainstream UK media, in the likes of The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph. The New York Times has described him as the "No.1 Bradsell protégé,"[1] comparing him to renowned bartender Dick Bradsell.

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