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The Wibble is a Cocktail which consists of Gin, Sloe Gin, Grapefruit Juice, Blackberry Liqueur, Fresh Lemon Juice, Sugar.

The Wibble was created by Dick Bradsell, in response to a challenge set by the makers of Plymouth Gin.

"The Wibble, it will make you wobble, but you won't fall over!" - Dick Bradsell.

"I too [says Dick Bradsell] have recently invented a gin based cocktail, heavily inspired by one of the reps from Plymouth coming into my bar and asking me to invent him a drink utilising his product. I surprised myself with how nice the end result was. We called it the Wibble (it makes you wobble but you won't fall down). Now [year 2000] Match, the bar that I work in, calls itself "the home of the Wibble", which is nice."

Original Recipe

Shake with ice, and then strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a Lemon Twist.

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