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This page will contain a list of verified World Cocktail Champions from History.


World Champions

John Jones, 1952

Chronicle Telegram, 1952

"British bartender John Jones won the international cocktail championship here today"

Johnny Durlesser (1964)

The Independent, Pasadena (1964)

"The winner of last year's competition, hold at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, was John Durlesser of the Tail 0' The Cock Restaurant on La Cienega. He competed in the international finals at Milan, Italy, in 1963 and was awarded the Galliano Special Trophy."

Cocktail Champions of a particular Country

Michel Flippi (France, 1951)

Warren Times-mirror, (1951)

"A cocktail with violet petals sprinkled in it won the 1951 cocktail championship of France last night for Michel Flippi, 28, a bartender from Nice. Other ingredients: Equal parts of gin and dry Vermouth; two dashes of creme de cacao; spot of kirsch, a strong liquor; orange peel."

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