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The Buck's Fizz is a Cocktail which consists of Fresh Orange Juice, and Champagne. It's also known as a Mimosa.


History of the Buck's Fizz

Pat McGarry (or MacGarry) of the Buck's Club in London had created this cocktail by the time Harry MacElhone published his ABC of Mixing Drinks in 1921.

He carefully specified the ratio between the ingredients to 2 parts champagne and 1 part orange juice.


  • 4 parts Champagne
  • 2 parts Fresh Orange Juice

Pour the fresh Orange juice into the champagne glass. Slowly pour the champagne and then stir it carefully.

Historical Citations

Savoy Cocktail Book, by Harry Craddock, 1930

  • Use long tumbler.
  • 1/4 Glass orange juice
  • Fill with champagne

Artistry of Mixing Drinks, by Frank Meier, 1936

"In shaker: the juice of one-half Orange, one-half teaspoon sugar, one-half glass of Gin; shake well, strain into fizz glass, fill with champagne."

Cafe Royal Cocktail Book, by W. J. Tarling, 1937

  • Pour into a tumbler
  • Two tablespoons orange juice
  • Fill with Champagne

Similar Recipes

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