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There are many drinks which are called Martinis, but which don't fall into the Martini category (in much the same vein as the Singapore Sling is termed a Sling despite bearing little resemblance to one). Some examples of misleadingly named drinks include the Cowboy Martini (which is built more along the lines of an Old-Fashioned), and the Extra Dry Vodka Martini (a euphemism for a measure of chilled vodka).

If you were looking specifically for drinks which contain Vermouth and are served in Cocktail Glass (aka. Martini Glasses) then "Click Here"

Generic classification

  • 1 part liquor
  • 1 part fortified wine or low-proof liqueur

Shake & strain.


  • Using smaller amounts of two fortified wines or liqueurs instead of a larger amount of one, as in the Negroni.
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