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Egg nog is a drink which combines Egg, Brandy, Rum, and Milk and/or Cream.


Historical Recipes

"Bartenders Guide", by Jerry Thomas, 1862

  • Take 1 large tea-spoonful of powdered white sugar.
  • 1 fresh egg.
  • 1/2 wine-glass of brandy.
  • 1/2 wine-glass of Santa Cruz rum.

A little shaved ice.

Fill the glass with rich milk and shake up the ingredients until they are thoroughly mixed. Pour the mixture into a goblet excluding the ice, and grate a little nutmeg on top. This may be made by using a wineglass of either of the above liquors, instead of both combined.

Historical References

"Huron Reflector", 12th April 1842

"And, readers, if you will pursue the same course, we shall be able all of us, next Christmas to buy ... as many blanket coats as would suffocate an elephant; and to have egg-nog every hour in the holidays."

"Hillsdale Whig Standard", 17th August 1847

"A Newburyport deacon, who, upon returning from meeting one Sunday, perceived that his boys had been making egg nog; after lecturing them upon the impropriety of doing such things at any time, particularly Sabbath day, he whispered to the eldest—'Is there any left, John,"

"La Crosse National Democrat", 17th May 1859

"Someone whispered to me that there was no less than a wash-tub full of egg-nog in a certain pantry in a certain corner of the house, and invited me then and there to make my appearance and imbibe."

Similar Drinks

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