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A Kir Royale is a Cocktail consisting of Creme de Cassis (Blackcurrant Liqueur), and Champagne.

Original Recipe

The Kir Royale is based on a Kir, which is Blackcurrant Liqueur and Bourgogne Aligote White Wine.

The Royale refers to the Champagne element of the recipe.

Common Recipes

Recipe #1:

  • 1 part Creme de Cassis (Blackcurrant Liqueur)
  • 5 parts Champagne

Pour Creme de cassis in glass, gently pour champagne on top.

Similar Recipes

Kir Imperiale

Same as Kir Royale, but substituting Creme de Framboise (Raspberry Liqueur) for the Creme de Cassis (Blackcurrant Liqueur).

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