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Every venue will have different set up procedures. These are some of the basics that should be covered. Procedures marked with (S) are secondary, and can be performed after the bar has opened. All other tasks should be performed prior to opening.

  • House
    • Lights on
    • Chairs and tables out
    • Glasswasher on
    • Entertainment (TV, music, jukebox) on
    • Electronics (espresso machine, blender, coffee pot, neon signs, frozen drink machine) on
    • Check for bookings / notes from previous shift
    • Count out float and place into register
  • Restock
    • Take an accurate inventory when you start your shift; this will save you time and let you know exactly what you need
    • Backup Straws (S)
    • Beer (S)
    • Wine (S)
    • Backup spirits / liquors (S)
    • Condiments - sauces, syrups, mixes, herbs, spices
    • Glasses
  • Fill
    • Ice well
    • Juice containers, making sure to rotate
    • Bar Caddy - straws, napkins, toothpicks, coasters (S)
    • Pouring stations - jiggers, ice scoops, tongs
    • Glass sinks (S)
  • To Do (S)
    • Place nip / speed pourers into bottles, and place bottle caps in a container
    • Cut garnishes as per house procedure
    • Place out coasters and ashtrays
    • Arrange your equipment / mise en place
    • If required, do a quick spot sweep and mop
  • Quick check
    • Beer kegs
    • Backbar spirits (are any low / need replacing?)

This basic list should see you to having your bar set up and ready to serve your first customer. It should take you from 30 minutes to an hour.

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