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A two piece cocktail shaker consisting of a Boston Tin and a Boston Glass / Mixing Glass. Ingredients are commonly placed in the Mixing Glass half of the shaker during the creation process, purely for visual effect. When ready, the Tin is then placed or smacked firmly on top of the glass portion and shaken for approximately ten to fifteen seconds. The shake may be longer or shorter depending on your personal method, and on ingredients present (for example, a longer and more vigorous shake is required when egg white is used). The two halves are then separated by a hard tap with the heel of the palm at the tightest join between the glass and tin.
Cobbler / Three Piece


4 prong / 2 prong Hawthorne Strainer
Used to strain out chunkier unwanted ingredients and ice when using a Boston shaker. Consists of a wire coil and a slotted flat metal surface. The difference between 4 prong and 2 prong strainers is that a 2 prong strainer is easier to store, but offers less stability when pouring due to only have 2 surface contacts on the tin/glass. The 4 prong is harder to store, but offers increased stability over the 2 prong.
Julep Strainer
Predominantly used to strain out finer ingredients in certain cocktails. Used mainly for cocktails where herbs are used in muddling and are not wanted in the finished drink; the Mint Julep is a good example, and is the source of the strainer's name.
Tea strainer
The finest strainer possible. Strains out almost all smaller unwanted ingredients that would pass through other strainers, such as seeds and pulp. Common terminology and usage is 'double strained', whereby either a Hawthorne strainer or Julep strainer is used to catch the larger unwanted ingredients, with the remainder being caught by the tea strainer before the liquid reaches the glass.




Citrus Squeezer
Citrus Reamer
A hand tool used to 'ream' citrus fruits that have been halved so as to obtain the juice. The pointed tip is inserted into the centre of the citrus half, then the reamer is twisted into the fruit while at the same time the fruit is squeezed around the reamer. The juice drips from the reamer into the glass. This is more effective than squeezing by hand, but less effective than a commercial juicer.
Commercial Juicer
An electric appliance that is used to pre-juice large amounts of fresh fruits.


Bar Blade / Speed Opener
Wine Key / Waiter's Friend
Bottle Opener (Hammerhead style)

For Garnishing

Channel Knife
Paring Knife
Cocktail Picks

Other Tools

Bar Spoon
Is a long (approx. 20cm) spoon with a twisted metal stem. At one end there is usually a disc and at the other a spoon. Both ends of the spoon are used in the production of some cocktails. The disc is used to smash and break up herbs (mint, basil, sage etc) and to churn ingredients in a glass and the spoon is used to measure both liquid and solid ingredients such as sugar syrup or castor sugar, muscavado sugar etc. and to stir built drinks.
Muddling Stick

The Muddler is a cylindrical object similar to a household rolling pin. It is used to crush or smash fruit, berries and other ingredients in a Boston glass. It fulfils a roll akin to a pestle. Muddlers are commonly made from either catering grade wood or polyurethane. Sagatiba has created a very stylish muddler that can be spotted behind the worlds most discerning cocktail bars.

To Muddle - this is the method of cocktail production that utilises the muddler. Once the fruits or berries have been placed in the Boston glass use the muddler to crush the fruit to extract the juices and break down the fruit. To practice using a muddler, why not make a Sagatiba Classic Caipirinha? Practice makes perfect!

Also Known As a Toddy Stick, Muddler, Bruiser.

Egg Nog Stick, a stick for beating Egg Nog.

Ice pick
Jigger / Spirit Measure
Used as a legal requirement in some locations. A small container of specified volume, used to measure volume of liquid being poured into a drink.
  • American version - 0.75oz / 1.5oz measures
  • UK version - 25ml / 50ml measures
  • Australian/NZ version - 15ml / 30ml measures
Nip Pourer / Speed Pourer

Courtesy Tools

Your typical cigarette lighter. Either cheap plastic, or a metal lighter (eg Zippo). Boxes of matches also add a bit of class. Used to light customers cigarettes, but with upcoming smoking bans in most bars across the world this isn't such a priority. Used also when flaming citrus zest over cocktails such as the Cosmopolitan.
Reading Glasses
For the customer who can't read the menu, but wants to.
Mini Flashlight
Depending on your work environment this is either superfluous or a necessary tool. A dark nightclub bar requires you to have some form of light on you; a well-lit cocktail bar on the other hand doesn't.
Nothing better to get rid of beer breath than some fresh mints provided by your friendly bartender.
Used to clean between your teeth. Recommended by dentists. Also handy for magic tricks and when garnishing a Martini.
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