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Historical References

Boothby's American Bartender, 1900

"Some years ago, the late William Remsen, a retired naval officer and a popular member of the Union Club, N.Y., introduced a beverage to the members of that swell organization which has since taken his name and is now known to all clubmen by the appellation of Remsen cooler."

"Pare a lemon (a lime will not answer the purpose) as you would an apple, so that the peel will resemble a corkscrew, place the rind in a long thin glass and pour over it a jigger of Old Tom cordial gin; with a bar-spoon now press the peel and stir it thoroughly, so the liquor will be well flavoured with the essence of the skin and fill the glass with plain soda off the ice. English club soda is highly recommended for this drink. Be sure the soda is cold."

"The Ideal Bartender", by Tom Bullock, 1917


Use a medium size Fizz glass.

Peel a Lemon as you would an Apple.

Place the Rind or Peeling into the Fizz glass.

2 or 3 lumps of Crystal Ice.

1 Wineglass of Remsen Scotch Whiskey.

Fill up the balance with Club Soda; stir up slowly with a spoon and serve.

In this country it is often the ease that people call a Remsen Cooler where they want Old Tom Gin or Sloe Gin instead of Scotch Whiskey. It is therefore the bartender's duty to mix as desired.

Note: Bullock takes his recipe for the Remsen Cooler from Harry Johnson, who was incorrect in this matter; Johnson incorrectly took the Ramsey Cooler mentioned in George J. Kappeler's book and read it as Ramsen, which is a totally different drink.

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